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O_O;; ur stll reading? XD

 hmm... well hello? 
today.. i was very. . . quiet.. 
i felt jealous of teh popular people (named as girly, sport, asian, show-off)
xDD! well.. asian started to like bring stuffed toys.. so then i like went ;OO! soo cute. . she named
it cufie? and like showed it off to everyone and blabbing bout how cute it is.. and im like "hmm.. it supposed to be named
KERO! ><; cuz its a frogg.." xD. but yea. then show-off started to bring her stuffed toy too.. which is.. a carebear =.=; and BLAH BLAHH BLAHHH~!!. thats just one thing. xD

Me, bubbles and kuri were just hanging out at our usual spot.. and we talked about like.. how we were soo dumb in grade 6 cuz kuri was looking at some pictures and it was funn <3. xD

At lunch while i was on teh pc.. bubbles and kuri started to talk about hotels on msn and they kept on talking while i was there all silent cuz ive never been to a hotel before >_<;; cuz we didnt really need it O_O;; soo yea. (see how i get jealous ALOT?) and yea for lunch i had salmon XDD!

after lunch.. one girl named follower1 brought a stuffed fat monkey XDD! AHAHHA. it was gay =_=;; and yea she showed me and stuff.. and i was like.. "its a mutated monkey-mouse" and then she toldd everyone that.. >_<; TALK ABOUT STEALING MY IDEA..
;OOO! i have another "friend" who said she friggin hate show-off and stuff.. and LOOK! i see her hanging out with THEM. soo i got mad.. but i wont tell her ^.~... 

when walking home.. i walked with bubbles, kuri and another friend lets name her helen XD!.. they told me they had HEALTH (sex-ed) today.. so they went all EWW. cuz they saw penors. XDD! ahahaha. i was all oh noez!  i have to see that too ><;;; *cuz we arent on teh same class* and then i walked back homeeee~.  

hmm.. what else happend today.. OH. my dad was home and went all like "u didnt tell me that ur older sister was homee" and i went all "I DIDNT KNOW.. like when i checked at lunch she wasnt there" soo.. yea then he like kept on jokingly telling me im lyinggg =___=;;; 

oMG im finished.. my life is always like this.. but ^__^\/ i <3 it..