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welcome to my LIFE

if ur reading this u are stupid XDD! hehe LOL.. but no really u are.. O_O;;
k.. first of all.. this IS my diary.. and my life IS dramatic >.<;; or boring?
soo this is something i will look back after 5 years or so.. ^__^
k well.. lets start off an intro 8DD

name; rozette 
grade; 7
country; canada
etencity; asian (filipina)
age; 12

and yea! in school.. i am ONE deppressed girl. =.=;;
i have 2 BESTEST EVER FRIENDS! i will tell u their fake names 8D.. (dun want them to be stocked) 
friends one; kuri
friend two; bubbles

soo yea. now ur thinking "aww poor her.. such a loner" but guess what I LOVE  my life.. xDD! 
ok! im done. =.=; goodbye & goodluck ^______________________________________^

p.s; my mood cat name is.. krii~ ^__^\/..
krii is feeling happy today

- roze.